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SnT Global Logistics Sdn. Bhd.

SnT Global Logistics (SNTGL) is a leading 3PL and fulfillment service provider in Malaysia. SNTGL provides services in the areas of supply chain execution that involves order fulfillment, transportation, warehousing, call centre, return management and financial settlement. With its network of integrated logistics providers, SNTGL takes pride in its team of fulfillment specialists and technical solution talents, who are capable of providing leading solutions.

SNTGL's fulfillment solutions comprise much more than just physical delivery or warehousing-related functional services. Rather, it is an IT-enhanced, logistics business process outsourcing (BPO) service that stretches from the vendor to the end customers. SNTGL's BPO thus, goes beyond merely the physical flow of the products, to also encompass the process and information necessary to optimize a customer's fulfillment activities.

According to IDC, an leading international research house, "what drives the growth of the logistics BPO industry will be the effective bundling of traditional third-party logistics services with today's information technology-based solutions." SNTGL provides technology that enhances supply chain services, with performance metrics tied to the strategic business and customer satisfaction. For example, business value can be recognized through results such as reduced inventory, lower transportation costs, tighter delivery schedules, less damage to goods transported, or improved shareholder value. This type of service directly enhances the vendor's supply chain efficiencies.

The fulfillment services offered in SNTGL's BPO have been centred around six areas of activities:

  • Order Fulfillment and Management
    Order management provides sophisticated translation, routing, and status management of orders as they cycle through commerce partners. The transaction manager coordinates and monitors picking, packing, and delivery with warehouse and delivery centres. Through this process, the transaction manager continually analyzes and identifies operational issues based on the business process rules (inventory thresholds, messaging failures, late deliveries), proactively resolves issues, and interacts with customer service. Order fulfillment offerings also include physical activities such as pick-and-pack and special materials handling.

  • Transportation Management
    These offerings involve not only seamless multimodal transportation services but also leverage on technology to provide end-to-end goods movement visibility and related documentation, so vital for order fulfillment status management. Whether it is an inbound or outbound freight, an optimized delivery model with visibility and well-trained road captains, allow for unprecedented levels of service options, including installation of certain goods at the destination.

  • Distribution/Warehousing Management
    These offerings are similar to those of transportation in their heavy use of IT. By managing the flow of information regarding the incoming and outgoing products, the status of the inventory is kept in control. Warehousing-related services include activities such as parts packaging, boxing/crating, sub-assembly and sequencing, product repair, and quality inspection.

  • Customer Service
    As part of its total fulfillment solution, SNTGL has its own call centre, providing a range of in and out-bound telefulfillment services. This means you can enjoy the efficiencies of having your front-end customer order-taking, after sales services, payment processing, fulfillment enquiries and feedback looked after, by the same experienced provider of your warehousing, order fulfillment, freight and delivery services.

  • Reverse Logistics
    These offerings involve the processing of returned merchandise from the customer's customer. This process includes matching RGA (returned goods authorization) identifications and sorting salvageable, repairable, and non-salvageable inventories. Reverse logistics services include testing, repackaging, returning, reconsignment, disposal, and credit issues of returned goods. 'Coordination' here includes coordination of logistics services customers, these customers' customers, outside suppliers, and third-party carriers.

  • Financial Settlement Services
    SNTGL helps customers lower their costs associated with the distribution, processing and administration of invoices, as well as other fulfillment-related documents. Through the billing processing services, authorization of invoices as well as manual data entry and physical handling of fulfillment documents across trading partners and other external service providers can be reduced.

SNTGL clients include CNI, ECS and NEC.